We provide a parking enforcement service for retail parks and other leisure services throughout the United Kingdom. We issue tickets in all areas including Pay and display, unauthorised parking area, resident parking area and loading bays. We offer regular patrols throughout the day. This method of enforcement will reduce unauthorised parked vehicles. It is most suitable for Retail Parks, Pay and Displays and Shopping centres. We offer an all—in—one service for our clients this means we will issue tickets and then pursue any outstanding payments, through the legal system by accessing the DVLA database. We at this point will issue a Parking Charge Notice through the mail for the outstanding amount. If this is ignored, we will issue court paper and take the matter to court. We have built a good relationship with the courts and have a high rate of enforcement.

Simple operation

Our newTicketing software is designed from the ground up to be easy and intuitive to use. No need for long training sessions and refresher courses to keep operatives up to speed with data entry devices. Our HTC hand held devices utilises mobile phone technology used on a daily basis by millions of people.

Issue authorised control

Access to each device is controlled via a simple login screen.The operative is always identified to a device allowing the system to control how each PCN is issued. Access control is centrally managed by HTC allowing each device to be continually updated and configured without any reconfiguration of the handheld device

Location aware

Operatives can simply switch between locations they are allocated to work at. All other location related data required to issue a PCN is then automatically recorded against the ticket at the point of issue. Contraventions that can be enforced at each location, based on site rules, client wishes and Signage are defined on the HTC device and sent to the handheld. This makes it impossible for an operative to issue a PCN for a parking breach which has not been authorised by the client.

Image capture

By utilising the handheld inbuilt camera, the need for operatives to carry a digital camera is removed. Any number of images can be taken of the contravention and are associated with the PCN at the point of issue. All images are automatically transferred to the HTC device along with detailed PCN information, retaining the association.The task of posting, downloading and indexing images from digital cameras is no longer required.

Latest Mobile & Communication Technology

Enforcement activity data is transferred to HTC via the internet using the latest GPRS or G3 communication technology. All transfers are made automatically by the handheld at predefined time intervals.

Future Proof Architecture

Our software runs on Microsoft Window Mobile enabled devices providing forward compatibility with future mobile devices.

Autonomous Operation

The HTC software is designed to operate without a permanent internet connection. This allows operatives to work in locations where mobile web access is limited or unavailable. The system automatically detects when connectivity is available and processes PCN data transmissions during these times. Administrative staff can easily view detailed information about the handheld via the HTC handheld and the system will indicate when a device last communicated with the server. Secure Connectivity and data transmission is encrypted and sent over an SSL connection to the server. No personal details are stored on the mobile device and access is controlled via an operative login page requiring a user ID and password. Parking charge notice data is only stored on the device for a short period and automatically deleted after a predetermined time.

The Device

Accuracy, speed and Evidence are all crucial factors for the efhcient issue and enforcement of Parking Charge Notices. Hand written PCN’s are prone to wastage, due to human inaccuracies or eligible hand writing and often unnecessarily clog up appeals systems. The HTC device captures and records contraventions in a controlled manner, providing incontestable photographic evidence, accurate vehicle and contravention details. information collected is then electronically delivered to the device for processing within minutes of issue, without the need to dock the handheld. Using the latest mobile device and communication technology, the HTC device provides unprecedented functionality and incredible value for money.

Main Features

The HTC device is packed with many features and functions to enable ticket operatives to issue Parking Charge Notices quickly and efficiently.

  • Simple and Secure Operation
  • Issue Authorisation Control
  • Location Aware
  • Image Capture
  • Latest Mobile & Communication Technology
  • Future Proof Architecture
  • Autonomous Operation